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Welcome to Domstry v.0.1.0 🌐

Index: 14,099,376 domains
Updated: 2024-02-08 00:00:01

Domstry is a domain database. A Crawler is visiting domains and gathering all details. If you need any extra detail just ask, we can add it for everyone's benefit.

The crawler visits domain homepage only. For each domain, the bot is collecting:

  • Title & Description Meta tags
  • Technologies used by analyzing server response
  • Creation & Expiration Date from whois
  • Http Response code
  • Dns / Hosting / Network
  • Time to first byte
  • Contact Details: Emails & Phone numbers
  • External links
  • Domain Availability from GoDaddy's API
  • Page Rank and ranking from open database
  • Country and continent from IP

➽ Visit resources section to find more info about sources.

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